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Review 11: Above Suspicion?

Season 37, Episode 450

Aired: January 5, 2011

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On this episode of The Young and the Restless, multiple suspicions are confirmed. Sofia finds out the truth about Blake, Ronan faces the severity of his health condition, and Katherine learns about Colin’s past..

Cane finally reveals his secret to Sofia when he unintentionally turns in an incompetent report under Blake’s name. He admits he has been doing the work of two people for several months because his family is in danger and he needs the money. Sofia is rightfully furious that Cane never shared the information with anybody, including her. Sofia scoffs at the idea of lying to her boss and mentor Tucker when Cane suggests it and the conversation ends when she storms off with an ambivalent attitude.

Meanwhile, Ronan is dealing with the case against the previously corrupt district attorney when his doctor calls and orders him to receive treatment immediately. Ronan realizes if he suddenly leaves town, everyone (including Nina) will be suspicious but the doctor informs him that the situation is critical. Given her knack for terrible timing, Heather pops in to yell at Ronan about being served. Ronan apologizes for not warning her but of all people, she should know he is dealing with more important issues.

It must be a cold day in Wisconsin because Ashley, Tucker, Neil, Jill, Colin and Katherine are all hanging out at Crimson Lights. Katherine talks to her long lost son Tucker who is newly engaged and his fiancé Ashley. The happy couple is in the midst of planning their wedding and Katherine offers her mansion as a possible wedding location. Shouldn’t they should choose another location? How many couples have been married there already?!

Katherine also meets Colin, Jill’s new love interest, for the first time. Mrs. C speaks to him while Jill takes a call and later tells Jill she does not like him. Colin then finds a glove at their table and claims it is Lily’s from when she stopped by earlier. When he suggests that they return it to her, it just seems too convenient that it is the perfect excuse for him to see his grandchildren. Jill, unaware that Colin is Cane’s biological father, agrees to stop by the Ashby house with him in tow.

Katherine’s suspicions about Colin are confirmed when she later asks Nina and Paul to investigate Colin. They find out Colin has recently been released from prison! As fascinating as that is, Nina should probably be investigating Ronan’s health and spending more time with her biological (long lost) son. Heather should hurry up and spill the beans about his illness already.

Time is running out for Ronan, Nina, Cane, and possibly even Jill. They better make decisions quickly and get things in order before it is too late.


Review 10: Truth Be Told

Season 37, Episode 429

Aired: December 3, 2010

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This episode of The Young and the Restless was all about the Genoa City residents facing harsh realities.

First of all, Lauren must come to terms with the fact that Daisy is temporarily free from incarceration. Although a judge initially rules that Daisy will stay in jail and give birth there, she is later rushed to the hospital with complications. When the court reconvenes, the judge decides to change the initial ruling and grant Phyllis’ petition. Lauren freaks out and launches into a diatribe about how Phyllis will be responsible for all the lives Daisy will ruin. As convincing as Lauren’s concern is for everyone else, it is obvious she is scared to death for her own safety. Why doesn’t she just hire a bodyguard? She is certainly not lacking the funds to do so.

Kevin realizes that despite the fact he wants to raise Daisy’s baby once she is born, he needs to hire an attorney. Not only does he recognize that his past as a less than stellar citizen may come into question but also that he needs money. He goes over his options with Chloe and decides to take the bookie Hogan up on his offer and replace Jeffrey. How does Kevin expect to get custody of his niece by acting so shady, especially when his past is already an obstacle he must overcome?

Daniel, the baby’s biological father, does not seem to be fully aware that his daughter will be born at any moment. Phyllis keeps urging her son to think of the baby and tells him that his daughter will be very real to him soon. At least Daniel has the decency to show up at the hospital when Daisy calls him. Phyllis, however, cannot respect her son’s wishes to put the baby up for adoption.

Heather finally understands that Ronan’s condition may be worse than she imagined when she sees him popping pills and soon after when he collapses. Poor Ronan should probably be home resting, not wasting his time dealing with Victor’s shenanigans. Heather originally came to the police station to see Adam, who called his ex-fiancé for legal advice. Adam quickly grasps how bitter Heather still is from when he conned her. She tells him she wants to see him suffer. Did he really expect her to forgive him so easily considering all the terrible things he did to her? Adam may not have murdered Skye but he certainly is delusional.

Meanwhile, Nick comprehends the depths of Sharon’s betrayal. She admits to him that she slept with Adam in New Orleans and Nick is enraged. In a bit of comic relief in an otherwise grave scene, he yells at her that he does not understand how she could have slept with their daughter’s kidnapper. He also gives her the news that if she ever lets Faith near Adam, he will file for full custody and win. Obviously any self-respecting judge would give Nick custody. Sharon does not realize that she seems like a maniac to any outsider because she alone sees that certain side of Adam, the devoted man who would do anything for her. Even Nick grudgingly admits how well Adam knows Sharon seeing as how he knew she wanted him to follow her to Louisiana.

Speaking of Adam, he realizes that Sharon still loves him when she shows up at the police station and tells him she believes he is innocent. Adam also correctly guesses that he was set up for Skye’s murder, but he does not yet know that his father was behind it seeking revenge. The best line of the episode was when Adam exclaims, “I went to Harvard, so we can assume I’m not stupid enough to have [searched ‘how to dispose of a body’] on my own computer.” Touché, Adam. Too bad the police are going to take all of your previous crimes into consideration while investigating. Perhaps given Skye’s penchant for gambling, she may take a risk and come back to Genoa City. But then again, she has a Harvard education so she most likely will not. At least it will be interesting to see how Adam manages to clear his name with Sharon by his side.


Review 9: A Helping Hand

Season 37, Episode 426

Aired: November 30, 2010

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On this episode of The Young and the Restless, many Genoa City residents decide to lend each other a helping hand. Perhaps celebrating Thanksgiving allowed them to realize the importance of kindness, although in this town of Wisconsin, it goes without saying that some favors come with strings attached.

Michael helps Nick continue to look for Sharon in New Orleans. Michael’s devotion to Nick makes one wonder whether he is getting paid for his services. Moreover, didn’t he hire Heather so he could spend more time with his family? Lauren was most likely not thrilled her husband would once again be absent, especially with Daisy’s pending trial.

Nick is trying to help Sharon realize that Adam is dangerous. He enlists the help of what seems like the entire city of New Orleans as he asks every person he sees about Sharon’s whereabouts. Nick wants his fiancé to stay out of danger but thinks she may be in jeopardy since Adam followed Sharon to Louisiana. Interestingly, even though Sharon doesn’t want to wear her engagement ring and flees town so quickly that he barely has time to pick his jaw up from the floor, Nick is convinced she will deny Adam’s advances. It seems that the Newman men have quite the egos, one boldly following the woman he loves despite her engagement to another man and the other confident that his fiancé will stay faithful despite obvious signs of trouble.

In the meantime, Jack helps Phyllis with Summer and Faith. When Phyllis decides to go to New Orleans to cover the Adam saga for Restless Style, Jack offers to baby-sit the girls. On a side note, Phyllis is helping her son Daniel by finding another story that will make the fact that he is the father of Daisy’s baby appear uninteresting. Jack spends some quality time with the Newman girls and Diane brings Kyle along for a visit. Diane clearly decides to help herself to Jack, inviting herself to dinner, offering to cook and even suggesting she spend the night. Luckily, Jack turns her down and realizes she is up to no good. (Did anyone notice when Jack said he and Summer always shared a special bond? Maybe this is foreshadowing the fact that he is her father!)

Victor helps Skye by faking her death (once again) and giving her a chance to start her life over. When they were stuck in an elevator together, a couple of weeks ago, he told her he would help her if she ever got into any trouble. After the hedge fund collapsed and Adam disappeared, she took him up on his offer. Victor is clearly setting up his son and is attempting to help all the people that Adam has hurt in the past, including Ashley and Richard Hightower’s son. Victor also helps himself by escaping town because it means he does not have to deal with his relationship to Nikki ending. Speaking of Nikki, she helps Deacon realize that although she is mourning the end of her relationship to Victor and attempting to stay sober, she cannot fight her attraction to him.

Lastly, Adam helps Sharon realize that they belong together. They spend a romantic day exploring New Orleans and end up in bed together. Adam keeps talking about angels, which is something the fortuneteller Sharon went to see mentioned as a sign. Who knows what the death card she also received will represent. Maybe it means the death of her relationship with Nick. It will also be interesting to see who Nick turns to when he realizes the two women he keeps fluctuating between no longer want him. What is more, only time will tell which do-gooders want something in return for their good deed.


Review 8: Discovering the Details

Season 37, Episode 424

Aired: November 24, 2010

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It is no secret that in the past, Genoa City residents have found out a lot about themselves and the consequences of their actions. The members of Wisconsin’s most infamous families continue to uncover revealing truths since discovery is the theme of this second Thanksgiving episode.

Nick and Phyllis discover they can have a civilized meal together for the sake of their daughter Summer. Nick invites Phyllis to a Thanksgiving dinner at Gloworm and she accepts. It is important to note that there is no doubt Sharon being out of town helps this recently divorced couple get along. Phyllis even seems to be remotely enjoying herself before Lauren and Michael show up and tension fills the room.

Lauren and Michael originally had planned to go out of town for Thanksgiving but discover their vacation is ruined. Maybe it is better for Lauren to not run away and to actually face her fears in Genoa City. By the way, isn’t it a miracle how fast she has recovered from her agoraphobia? The writers clearly think character development and continuity should be their main priorities. When the Baldwins arrive at Gloworm to eat with Michael’s family, trouble greets them in the form of Phyllis and Daniel.

Everyone discovers the topic of Daisy’s baby is a sore subject. Phyllis foolishly wants to invite the psycho Daisy into her home for the sake of her unborn grandchild. While one can understand the need for her to protect Daniel’s daughter, Lauren rightfully does not want Daisy out of jail. Kevin jumps in and announces he wants to raise his niece (not the best timing) and Daniel makes it known that he wants to give the baby up for adoption. Chaos ensures and everyone makes their opinion known until Phyllis gets an interesting call from Jack, who is at the police station.

Ronan and the police department realize the blood in the Newman hotel room is most likely Skye’s, which is what Jack has been saying all along. Maybe Jack has a future as a detective? Ronan (who is secretly getting sicker) eventually reveals the news about the blood to Jack and Victor, who have been taken to the police station for questioning. Jack says that he thinks Adam must have gone crazy after his father Victor collapsed his hedge fund. Phyllis, Nick, and Michael arrive on the scene soon after and Phyllis admits she previously heard Adam threaten his wife Skye.

When Nick explains that Sharon has left town temporarily, everyone muses that Adam is missing and probably followed her. Nick freaks out when he then (coincidentally) gets a call from a stranger who found Sharon’s phone on a train headed to New Orleans and demands the person mail the phone to him. Not only does Nick come off as ungrateful and desperate, but he stupidly says he will text his home address to the stranger so they can mail the phone back to him. Shouldn’t he just take the Newman family’s private jet and pick it up himself? You would think the son of a very wealthy man would have better manners and know better than to give out his home address. Yes, he is worried about Sharon (isn’t he always?) but what would make for a really interesting twist would be if the person with Sharon’s phone demands a large cash reward or comes to Genoa City and stirs up trouble.

Meanwhile, Billy and Victoria discover they can help each other. Both are missing spending the holiday with their respective children so Billy kindly sets up a video chat with Reed and surprises Victoria. Billy’s new wife attempts to repay the favor by calling Chloe and asking her to stop by with Delia. Although Chloe initially disagrees, she eventually gives in when she discovers she can make Billy’s day by letting him spend time with their daughter.

Lastly, Sharon attempts to analyze her relationship with Nick and find out who she is (and perhaps why her kleptomania has resurfaced) by traveling to New Orleans alone. Along the way, the viewer discovers Adam has followed his ex-wife and is likely planning to win her back. This definitely sets up for an interesting cliffhanger and given the preemption and Thanksgiving holiday, eager viewers will have to wait until Monday to discover what will happen next.


Review 7: Giving Thanks

Season 37, Episode 423

Aired: November 23, 2010

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On this episode of The Young and the Restless, several Genoa City residents take on protective roles. These select few are looking out for their loved ones while the entire town celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday.

First of all, Cane attempts to protect his family from the evil Blake. Cane works tirelessly to do the work of two employees and to make sure that Tucker and Sofia do not suspect anything. (Little does Cane know that Tucker was wary after the meeting and has already ordered a background check on James ‘Blake’ Collier.) Blake, of course, ignores Cane’s threats to stay away from his family and gets himself invited to their Thanksgiving celebration by the unsuspecting Lily. This worries Cane who watches Blake bond with the Winters’ family members, including Sofia who is at the celebration because she is engaged to Malcolm Winters. Luckily, Malcolm expresses his concerns about Blake to his brother Neil. Hopefully if enough people find Blake suspicious, the truth will be revealed. If only Cane would tell Lily the truth instead of lying to her and reassuring her they are no longer in any danger. He could borrow the money and not have turned into a workaholic with a shady childhood friend.

Over at the Chancellor mansion, the Thanksgiving celebration is underway when Nina is visibly upset that Ronan has not arrived. Heather attempts to protect Nina by threatening to expose Ronan’s secret (possibly terminal) illness if he does not make an appearance. This ruins Ronan’s plan to protect Nina by keeping his distance and preventing her from growing attached. Again, honesty seems to be the answer to this situation and Ronan should tell his biological mother the truth. Meanwhile, a jealous Kevin tries to protect Chloe from going after Ronan for the second time. Chloe still thinks Ronan killed Chance but explains that she cannot stop herself from being interested. It probably does not help that Chloe’s rivalry with Heather is intensified when Ronan and Heather appear to have a close relationship (because Heather is threatening Ronan).

Abby visits her father at the Newman Ranch because she knows he is likely spending the holiday alone. With Nikki in rehab and his ongoing feud with Victoria, (and Nick’s engagement gone awry) this is indeed the case. The two spend time together and seem to be putting their differences aside. In a hilarious moment, Abby says she wishes she was Victor’s dog Segundo because apparently, Victor treats the dog better than anyone. Victor extends an olive branch and Abby seems to be about to reconcile when she learns what Victor did to Jack. She attempts to protect her uncle and angrily calls her father and says she is no longer dropping the lawsuit and that she will see him in court.

Lastly, Jack is fuming over Victor’s betrayal. He attempts to protect all the other investors of the Newman hedge fund who are losing millions of dollars and goes looking for Skye to see if she can help. When he gets to her room at the athletic club, Skye is not there, the room is turned upside down and the police find blood. Did Adam attempt to protect himself from a furious Skye and kill her in the process? Or did Skye, enraged at the loss of her hedge fund and her husband, kill Adam?

If there is a killer in Genoa City, does anyone else need protection? Wisconsin residents should sleep with one eye open if they want to make it past the holidays. If this much drama is happening in the daylight, who knows what could happen when night falls. Then again, it is possible that Adam or Skye could be faking their own death. If this is in fact the case, they’ve already been down that road and look how well it turned out for them the first time…


Review 6: The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Genoa City Residents

Season 37, Episode 413

Aired: November 9, 2010

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The theme of this particular episode was making bad choices. When will the residents of Genoa City learn to think before they act so hastily, especially when others’ feelings are at stake?

First of all, Diane phones Kyle from New York right before her interview. She explains she is running late and cannot talk very long but of course, Kyle demands answers about the Restless Style article. Oh, Diane. She claims she desperately needs a job and even flies to New York only to open a can of worms a mere minutes before her important job interview. Diane then has the audacity to tell her interviewer that there is a “family emergency” and basically blows him off to keep stammering and attempt to give Kyle an explanation. It is no wonder she didn’t get the job.

Speaking of unfortunate decisions, while it is understandable that Phyllis wrote the article bashing Diane to protect herself and those closest to her, she really didn’t realize that Kyle would find out about it? It was hard enough for the poor kid to be uprooted from his life in Canada but to start over in Genoa City when everyone now has confirmation that his mother is certifiable? In what is probably the only smart decision made in the episode, Jack decides to take a break from his relationship with Phyllis to focus on his son.

After his conversation with his mother, Kyle storms into the Restless Style office unannounced and demands his uncle Billy stop Phyllis from publishing more articles about his mother. Kyle berates Phyllis and even purposely spills her coffee on her laptop. Jack arrives a short while later and scolds Kyle for his inappropriate behavior towards Phyllis and his skipping school.

As for Kevin, it is clear that he previously made the unintelligent decision to become involved in Jeffrey’s money laundering scheme. Unfortunately, he is now paying the consequences. The bookie continues to demand the missing money and Kevin approaches Jeffrey about it while Chloe distracts Gloria with a possible Restless Style spread. Chloe unwisely decides to get involved in the scheme but in her defense, she has good intentions because she just wants to help her friend.

Victoria and Nick also meet up in this episode to discuss their family drama. Victoria tells her brother the whole story about Meggie trying to kill their father and about Nikki sleeping with Deacon. Both siblings admit their relationship has been strained lately but when Nick attempts to reconcile, Victoria brushes him off and leaves. Doesn’t she realize that her distancing herself from her only sane family member is making things worse? She later meets up with Billy and they foolishly decide to pull Delia out of preschool and “go do something fun.” Sure, go ahead and pull a child out of school for selfish reasons. After all, she’s only trying to get an education.

Let’s not even talk about Gloria’s brilliant decision to hire a man who is going blind as a bartender. Hopefully, Adam has memorized the shape and color of every liquor bottle as to not confuse drink orders.

Last but certainly not least, was anyone else cringing when Nick professed his undying love for Sharon at Gloworm? He said, and I quote, “I love you. And I love our family. And I don’t want anything to separate us. So, if you think you can handle putting off breakfast for the time being…what I really want to do right now is to take you home…and make love to you.” This is the type of dialogue that gives soap operas a bad reputation. This was definitely a poor decision on the writers’ part to include this line in the script. Let’s face it, even Sharon reacts with a blank stare.

They do end up sleeping together but it is clear that Sharon is conflicted with her feelings. The audience is aware that she isn’t sure if it is what she really wants. Will her decision to take her relationship with Nick to the next level hurt him in the end? After all, she has been infatuated with Adam lately.

While some of the poor decisions made by Genoa City residents in this episode had immediate repercussions, others will likely pay off in the future. One hopes these characters will learn from their mistakes, but in that case, The Young and the Restless would not be as interesting to watch, now would it?


Review 5: Halloween Horrors

Season 37, Episode 406

Aired: October 29, 2010

On this episode of The Young and the Restless, those in Genoa City are shocked to uncover a few surprises as they celebrate Halloween.

Most of the town’s residents seem to be enjoying themselves in their costumes at Billy and Victoria’s Halloween bash. The gracious hosts are dressed as Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny after Victoria loses a bet to her new husband. Jana dresses up as Little Bo Beep and spends her time talking to Noah (a pirate), pining for Kevin, or trying to befriend Lauren. Abby and Daniel are also in attendance as Lady Gaga and Van Gogh and spend the party discussing their relationship. Malcolm (Sir Lancelot) introduces Sofia, or Lady Guinevere, to Phyllis. The editor in chief of Restless Style, who looks stylish in her Marilyn Monroe costume, spends her time taking pictures for the magazine’s website and hanging out with her friends Michael (a shark) and Lauren (a witch). Chloe and Kevin arrive together, dressed as Andie and Duckie from Pretty in Pink. She spends the whole evening trying to figure out if Kevin is gay (after she hilariously compares them to Will and Grace) because a man appears to be getting friendly with him.

In reality, the mystery man is a bookie that is pressuring Kevin to come up with missing money and Chloe threatens to call the police when the bookie begins making threats. The first surprise of the night is revealed when Chloe learns that Kevin is involved in an illegal money-laundering scheme. Kevin admits the truth to Chloe, which unfortunately means she will no longer be playing detective and reaching ridiculous conclusions. Guess she didn’t pick much up from being engaged to Chance, a detective.

Speaking of detective, J.T. seems to have made a speedy recovery and is excited to go home and begin work at the police academy. Mac fears for J.T.’s safety and tells him she wants to move their family to D.C. where she got an offer to work at a non-profit organization. Isn’t Mac supposed to be Mother Theresa? Why would she selfishly want to move J.T. away from his son Reed and his dream job after he was just electrocuted? He tells her that his heart is set on police work but is dumbfounded to learn from a nurse that he can no longer live the stressful life of a policeman due to his fragile heart condition.

Sharon is also astonished to learn that Adam is still in town after he returns her gloves. He leaves her gloves by the front door and does not bother her but of course, she has to call him despite her (unconvincing) repeated requests that he leave her alone. Adam then makes plans to divorce his wife Skye and it seems obvious that it will only be a matter of time before Sharon and Adam are back together. Most likely by December, when they reminisce about their winter wonderland wedding a year ago.

Moreover, in the plot twist deemed most fitting for the Halloween episode, the wicked witch of Wisconsin returns just in time to unleash her reign of terror. Hence, another surprise of the night is that Daisy is back in town. Daisy attends the Halloween party at Jimmy’s Bar and makes quite an entrance dressed as a nun, scaring poor Lauren half to death. When Billy turns off the lights to tell the partygoers a scary story, Lauren screams and claims she saw Daisy. Lauren eventually doubts herself and blames the spooky holiday for her outburst. The truth is revealed when Phyllis is looking through her pictures from the party and sees Daisy in the background of one of them.

Things get even more interesting when Daniel and Abby, who finally agree they are in a relationship, find a pregnant Daisy waiting for them in Daniel’s apartment. Remember when Daisy drugged Daniel and pretended to sleep with him so that her Aunt Sara could attempt to murder his mother Phyllis? Well, in what could be considered the most surprising revelation of the night, Daisy claims to be carrying Daniel’s child. He divorced Amber because he was not ready to be a father so it will definitely be interesting to see how he reacts to Daisy’s news.

Is she really pregnant? If so, who is actually the father? It is without a doubt that Daisy is an evil woman. After all, she did  dress up as a nun while pregnant to crash a party at a bar and scare the woman she previously kidnapped. She certainly knows how to shake things up. Welcome back Daisy, Genoa City was getting dull without you.


Review 4: Getting Real

Season 37, Episode 405

Aired: October 28, 2010

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On this episode of The Young and the Restless, the soap takes a page out of Dr. Phil’s book with several characters that are unsure of where they stand in their relationships. Adam wonders whether he should leave Genoa City because he can’t have Sharon, Jana apologizes to Lauren and asks for a second chance at friendship, Victoria and her father question if they will ever be civil to one another again, and Abby wonders if she wants more from her relationship with Daniel.

Poor Adam actually seems to be trying to leave Sharon alone for once when he buys his bus ticket (with stolen money) and attempts to leave Wisconsin. He realizes he does not love his wife Skye and wants to start his life over before Sharon comes charging in to stop him. Although it would seem that Sharon’s motive is to keep Adam from being thrown in jail because he saved Faith’s life, who does she think she is kidding? Sharon is practically throwing herself at Adam and is definitely giving him the green light to continue pursuing her. After all, was it really necessary for her to admit to Adam that her relationship with Nick is always challenging? Not only that, but Sharon seems depressed after their talk and reminisces (through a flashback) about the previous year when she spent Halloween getting to know Adam.

Jana runs into Lauren at Crimson Lights and attempts to reconcile their friendship. When she asks for a second chance, Lauren tells her she cannot give her one. Lauren recounts how Jana was like a sister to her when they were both kidnapped. Jana apologizes and admits that she cannot take back the fact that she slept with Ryder. As remorseful as Jana is, Lauren certainly has every right to dismiss the apology and stay on her high horse. Ryder not only helped kidnap Lauren but his aunt Sara had plastic surgery to look just like Lauren and attempted to ruin her life. And of course, there is the small detail that Ryder is Jana’s ex-husband’s brother.

Victoria continues her vendetta against her father Victor. She is furious that her father purposely waited to tell her that her mother has returned to rehab. Victor also prohibited his daughter from visiting Nikki when the lawsuit begins to not go his way. (On a side note, Victor also wonders where he stands with district attorney Heather after he refuses to hand over his books to the court-appointed auditors. He makes it clear that he wants Heather’s help and she eventually gives it to him, keeping him out of jail temporarily.) Victor also manipulates Nick into not telling Victoria about Nikki’s condition or whereabouts. Who knows if Victor and Victoria will ever recover from this family feud, especially as the lawsuit draws to a close.

Abby runs into her uncle Billy at Crimson Lights and explains to him that she cannot understand how he, a former bad boy, has suddenly morphed into a family man. She claims that she is just “hanging out” with Daniel and that she does not want to be in a relationship or get married because she likes her independence. However, her actions reveal otherwise when Daniel’s divorce is finalized and he says how nice it is to be single. She also seems flustered and even upset at his reaction to her idea about a couples’ Halloween costume. Is the naked heiress falling for Daniel?

In conclusion, this episode seemed to be about Genoa City residents’ interpersonal skills and was lacking action. Luckily, the evil Daisy is back in town (how clever is her nun costume?!) and will likely spice things up just in time for Victoria and Billy’s Halloween party. Talk about a whole new meaning to Macbeth’s “something wicked this way comes.”


Review 3: A Family Affair

Season 37, Episode 387

Aired: October 4, 2010

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It goes without saying that the most interesting part of this episode was the last five minutes. Adam and Skye; Nick and Sharon; and Jack and Phyllis all come face to face at the Harvest Festival. This, of course, is the perfect setup for what is arguably the most awkward encounter in the history of television.

First of all Sharon, Genoa City’s very own Helen of Troy, has been married to all three men at one point or another. Jack is now dating his ex-wife Phyllis and seems to be the only one who has gotten over “the face that launched a thousand ships.” Phyllis is in the middle of divorcing Nick after no longer being able to forgive his constant infatuation and infidelity with Sharon. Nick’s estranged brother Adam is also in love with his ex-wife Sharon. Their marriage ended when Sharon realized that Adam had kidnapped Faith, her daughter with Nick. Adam is once again a newlywed, married to Skye who blackmailed him into marrying her. Skye is an unhappy wife, however, and recently had an affair with Jack. He then informed the new editor in chief of Restless Style Phyllis about the indiscretion and she made it public in the magazine, thus infuriating Skye. The chaos comes full circle because Skye hates the woman Adam spends the majority of his time pining after, Sharon (who recently started showing an interest in Adam once again.) Helen started the Trojan War when she eloped with Paris; perhaps Sharon will cause World War Three if she goes back to Adam.

This episode also features Noah, Sharon and Nick’s son. In one rather poignant scene, Nick tells Noah that he is dating his mother again and clearly expects his son to be thrilled. Surprisingly, Noah replies, “Why would that make me happy?” and acknowledges that he had rough childhood watching his parents constantly break up and get back together. He says he does not want his younger siblings to go through the same thing. Poor Noah has most likely finally recently realized his mother’s withstanding obligation as Genoa City’s most eligible bachelorette seeing as how Sharon tends to disregard the sanctity of marriage. At least his father Nick is an “honorable” man as he only oscillates between the same two women: Phyllis and Sharon.

As for the third most interesting thing that happens, Noah runs into Jana at Crimson Lights and the two agree to attend the Harvest Festival together. Noah, who is finally beginning to understand his parents, seems to be oblivious to Jana’s true intentions. Jana wants to attend the fair because she seems to be under the impression that if she gets a new wardrobe, she can win her ex-husband Kevin back. Jana’s jealously of Kevin’s roommate and confidante Chloe causes her to morph into Chloe’s doppelganger. Except that it seems to have slipped Jana’s mind that she had an affair with Kevin’s brother Ryder. Jana could buy every article of clothing Chloe owns and still not be exonerated for that colossal error.

As for Gloria and Jeffrey, they are still as greedy as ever. He is laundering money out of Gloworm and she admires her new diamond necklace. No surprise there.

Overall this was a decent episode that was definitely saved by the tension in the last five minutes. Sharon really does know how to get people riled up, whether they hate her, are in love with her, or are finally beginning to understand her. At the end of it all, one thing is clear: there is no doubt Sharon plays a central role in making The Young and the Restless feel like an odyssey.


Review 2: The “I Hate Victor Newman” Club

Season 37, Episode 381

Aired: September 25, 2010


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It would be surprising to learn that this episode had any goal other than to portray Victor Newman in the most unflattering way possible. Although Victor was once a powerful and domineering man, he can no longer manipulate those around him namely, his own family members.

Fortunately, those closest to Victor have all come to the realization that he is a self-centered man, one who doesn’t even realize that his wife Nikki is desperate to talk to him about her resurgent alcoholism. Granted, Victor has other pressing matters to deal with as he is feuding with three relatives over an interrupted wedding service, money, and a magazine cover story.

In this episode, he is dealing with the aftermath of getting his pregnant daughter arrested at her own wedding. Victoria is rightfully furious and repeatedly tells her father she does not care that he was only trying to protect her from making a mistake. Victor has made it clear that he does not approve of his daughter’s decision to marry Billy Abbott because of his personal grudge against the Abbott family but he hypocritically married Ashley Abbott not too long ago. Victor is painted in an even more unsympathetic light when after his fight with Victoria, she has stomach pains and it appears she might lose the baby.

Victor’s other daughter Abby was at one time considering suing her father for her inheritance because he claimed she was too irresponsible to handle her money at the moment. She has a change of heart and decides to forgo the lawsuit when she witnesses what her ruthless father does to Victoria. However, after Victor attempts to pacify Abby by giving her a lump sum with many strings attached, she reinstates the lawsuit, claiming she does not want to be treated like a child. Victor’s arch nemesis Jack Abbott promises to help his niece Abby win the case but Jack’s ulterior motive is connected to his boss Tucker’s plan to ruin Victor’s company. Not only do Victor’s children dislike him but also everyone else in town seems to be joining the “I Hate Victor Newman” club.

Lastly, Victor’s daughter-in-law Skye volunteers herself as the next Restless Style cover story thereby ensuring the magazine will target the Newman family and that Victor will be irate. Moreover, she gives Billy permission to dig into her past and publish anything he wants or finds. Skye is aware of Victor’s deep dislike for his son Adam, her husband. She is probably seeking revenge, as she knows Victor will throw Adam in jail the first chance he gets. This does seem to be Victor’s objective as he pays a visit to the new district attorney Heather, who has been wronged by Adam in the past. Victor finally finds an ally in Heather when both vow to make sure Adam gets what he deserves.

This episode was insightful as it likely helped audiences appreciate their own seemingly uncomplicated family lives. After all, one can only imagine what it would be like to be related to the great Victor Newman.


Review 1: The Young and the Desperate

Season 37 Episode 365

Aired: August 31, 2010


(Images from http://freshtvshow.com and http://amygrindhouse.com)

Who knew that the affluent residents of Genoa City could be so insecure that they would intentionally seek to wreck havoc on each other’s lives? This was the premise of this unique episode of The Young and the Restless that seemed to be inspired by Desperate Housewives.

Phyllis decides to start a blog and thus adopts the role of Desperate HousewivesMary Alice Young as the town’s residents are seen through her judgmental eyes. Unlike the angelic Mary Alice who merely describes events as they occur, Phyllis uses her blog to gossip about her fellow neighbors and friends, or as she refers to them “the real home wreckers of Genoa City.”

As much as this episode seems to harp on independent women with Phyllis’ “empowering” blog, Chloe calling off her engagement, and Abby proclaiming that she will never let a man control her decisions, there is still the sense that these women are out to steal each others’ men. This is exemplified by Chloe scolding Heather for sleeping with her fiancé Chance, Meggie ploting to steal Victor away from Nikki, and of course, Phyllis and Sharon battling over Nick’s affections.

When these women do not seem to be fighting over men, they are arguing over money. Long lost sisters Jill and Lauren have conflicting views over their deceased fathers’ financially profitable business since Jill will do anything for money like Gabrielle Solis. (Coincidentally played by Eva Longoria who has previously appeared on The Young and the Restless.) Even this storyline seems to pay tribute to Desperate Housewives as it resembles the conflict between Lynette Scavo and Gabrielle as one party also threatened to sue the other.

This episode does not disappoint with other dramatic moments including Nikki bravely battling her addiction to alcohol (Bree Van de Kamp, anyone?) and Chloe seeing her ex husband’s name tattooed on Victoria’s lower back during yoga class. Moreover, the retaliation montage that takes place between Jill and Lauren at the spa is comical relief albeit somewhat ridiculous.

Overall, the episode does a nice job paying homage to Desperate Housewives although one could argue that The Young and the Restless(which has been recycling the theme of women fighting over the same man for thirty years) has largely inspired the prime time soap. After all, Susan Mayer and Katherine Mayfair were fighting over Mike Delfino in Fairview not too long ago.